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ISO-tech Belgium Specialist in mica insulating material

Our Activity

ISO-tech Belgium distributes a large range of mica based insulating material. Thanks to our own production, you benefit from a guaranteed quality controlled by European standards. 

Our great stock located in Belgium allows you short delivery times all over the world. Feel free to contact our experienced team for any application support. Our strengths are quickness and flexibility: send us your request and you will get an answer the same day!

Our activity concerns mainly the following sectors:

  • Foundry: ISO-flex → flexible phlogopite mica sheets and rolls used as slip plane in coreless induction furnaces, they are developed to protect the coils because it resists to high temperatures and provides a good electrical insulation
  • Heating elements: ISO-therm → rigid muscovite and phlogopite mica sheets developed for extreme conditions requiring high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, high compressive strength and low sensitivity to chemical agents
  • Wire: ISO-cable tape → flexible phlogopite mica paper developed to resist to the flame in fire resistant cables
  • Other applications:
    • ISO-tubes → muscovite and phlogopite mica tubes used to insulate metallic heating elements or screws
    • ISO-epoxy → muscovite mica sheets impregnated with an epoxy resin used to manufacture commutators
    • ISO-gasket→ phlogopite mica paper used to manufacture high temperature gaskets