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ISO-9001:2015 ISO-tech is certified to ISO-9001:2015

Once previously announced, the news has now come out: ISO-tech Belgium is certified to ISO-9001:2015.


Customer satisfaction remains a key point to ISO-tech Belgium. Obtaining the new version of ISO certification has been a vital goal to achieve.


In comparison to the previous one, the revised version takes more into account the risks and opportunities which are associated with the organization. This risk-oriented approach aims at benefiting from opportunities and avoiding as well as mitigating undesirable results. Naturally, ISO-tech did not wait for the new version to be adopted before anticipating and minimizing the risks, as well as demonstrating its capacity to conform to the requirements that are specified in the quality management system.


The full team of ISO-tech Belgium will continue to work with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction by abiding to the recommendations of ISO-9001:2015 standard.


Feel free to reach to us in order to receive the new certificate.