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ISO-9001 2008: follow up

The accredited Veritas bureau inspected ISO-tech Belgium’s conformity with the ISO-9001 2008 regulation through an audit. In terms of quality management, it did not notice any non-compliance. The report which was supplied has further validated our approach to customer satisfaction.
The audit is framed by requirements of the standard that demands a yearly follow-up to our quality managing system. Another, thorough audit is conducted every three years.
ISO-tech Belgium is getting prepared for the development of the regulation and the new version that will be coming soon. Naturally, we will be adapt accordingly in order to meet the new standards.
Our quality policy as well as guide are available on request.
For more than ten years now, ISO-tech Belgium has been serving the major players of the mica industry with success. This is the result of efforts that have been provided for satisfying clients.