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ISO-therm 'P'

ISO-therm P is used in many applications requiring high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, high compressive strength and low sensitivity to chemical agents. Since mica is 100 % free of toxicity, it has replaced asbestos in many applications. For example, micanites parts are used when manufacturing heating elements or induction furnaces, as well as in the car industry.

ISO-therm P consists in phlogopite rigid mica sheets. Due to the hardness of the laminated, the tools can be subject to a great degree of abrasion; we recommend silicium carbide tipped tools and high speed machinery.

PropertiesPhlogopite micanites and mica boards used in heatings

Heat resistance: 700°C

Standard dimensions:

  • 1000x1200mm or 1000x2000mm: thickness from 0,20 to 2 mm
  • 1020x1220mm or 1020x2420mm (untrimmed sheets): thickness from 3 mm to 80 mm


  • Mica content: 90%
  • Silicon binder: 10%
  • Dielectric strength: 25 kV/mm

Other dimensions upon request.

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