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ISO-tube 'M' & 'P'

ISO-tubes are used in many applications requiring high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, high compressive strength and low sensitivity to chemical agents. These hard mica tubes are developed to surround any metallic parts such as screws and bolts in the assembly of complicated elements.

ISO-tubes M consist in muscovite rigid mica tubes and ISO-tubes P consist in phlogopite rigid mica tubes. This mica material is 100 % free of toxicity: you don't need any specific protection.


Heat resistance: 500°C for muscovite and 1000° for phlogopite mica tubes

Standard dimensions:ISO-tubes PhlogopiteISO-tubes Muscovite

  • Minimum inside diameter: 6 mm
  • Maximum outside diameter: 460 mm
  • Maximum length: 1000 mm


  • Mica content: 90%
  • Silicon Binder: 10%
  • Dielectric strength: 12 kV/mm

Any dimensions upon request

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