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ISO-ceram is used as thermal insulation in many applications where high temperature resistance is required: in ladles or coreless induction furnaces as well as gaskets, automotive heat shields or silencer insulation.

ISO-ceram is non-woven biosoluble fiber paper. This fiber paper is 100% free of toxicity: you don't need any specific protection and it is easy to handle with good mechanical properties.


Melting point: 1330 °C

Standard dimensions:

  • Rolls of 10, 30 or 60 meters long and 1 meter wide

Standard thicknesses:

  • From 1 to 8 mm


  • SiO2: 64%
  • CaO: 30%
  • MgO: 4,5%
  • Other: 1,5%

Thermal conductivity:

  • 400°C: 0,06 W/m°K
  • 600°C: 0,09 W/m°K
  • 800°C: 0,14 W/m°K

Other dimensions upon request.

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